NIA organizes Dragon Boat Festival for new migrants

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National Immigration Agency invited more than 200 new foreign residents to take part in activities for the Dragon Boat Festival Saturday.
The program included a performance of a musical version of the classic Tale of the White Snake by the immigrants.
Vice President Wu Den-yih, who attended the event, praised the NIA for the high level of support and efficiency shown by its policies and plans. Both the private sector and the government needed to deliver their utmost efforts to service the more than 500,000 immigrants living in Taiwan, he said. The government had only spent NT$6 million (US$199,000) to conduct a few policy plans, proving its high level of efficiency.
NIA Director-General Mo Tien-hu thanked the private sector and social groups for their assistance and their many years of service. If some aspects needed to be improved later on, they could always come and talk to the NIA, he said.
Saturday’s event also included the launch of two digital audiovisual programs, the drama series “Taiwan is My Home” and a global news network for new migrants.
I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd. provided traditional activities such as the standing upright of eggs, which is supposed to bring good luck,and the painting of clogs, while an educational association of volunteer parents from New Taipei City offered do-it-yourself handicraft work. The 1111 Job Bank provided information about setting up businesses.