NIA holds ceremony to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with new immigrants

Photo shows a girl colors the clogs with watercolor.

Children stand eggs on the table.

Photo shows the honored guests with the huge rice dumpling.

The Director-General of NIA Mo Tien-hu (central) takes a photo with new immigrants.

Photo shows Vice President Wu Den-yih attends celebration activity for Dragon Boat Festival held by NIA on May 24, 2014.

The Lili Dance performs “The Legend of the White Snake.”

The deputy Director- General Ho Jung-chun (central) takes a photo with new immigrants.

With the Dragon Boat Festival fast approaching, the National Immigration Agency holds the celebration activity to invite more than two hundred new immigrants to experience the atmosphere for the occasion.

Vice President Wu Den-yih attends for this ceremony. He noted that the policies and projects launched by the NIA which have been receiving the recognition as well as increasing the efficiency. The number of new immigrants is rising to 500,000 which becomes a fifth ethnic group. I sincerely hope the governmental and non-governmental groups to offer them more services and assistance.

“I appreciate the devotion of civil companies and organizations to new immigrants,” the Director-General of the NIA Mo Tien-hu said. “I am willing to hear any recommendations for the NIA.”

In addition, the NIA also holds the opening ceremony for these two digital projects “My Home in Taiwan” and “Global News for New Immigrant” as well as the award ceremony for National New Immigrant Torch Scholarship Project.

There are many interesting activities holding for this ceremony. I-Mei Multimedia e-Content Production and Marketing Co., Ltd. organizes a series of activities including the clogs with colored drawings and stand eggs for the ceremony. Besides, the New Taipei City Parents Volunteer Education Development Association also holds DIY craft activity, leaving all participants the unforgettable memories.