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Wistron partners with DELL to go green

Wistron partners with DELL to go green

Wistron Corporation (3231) has been aggressively investing in the green industry with its plastic recycling business obtaining ULE certification and receiving orders from DELL. The “All in One” computer developed in mutual partnership will be released in June.

Wistron made a joint announcement with DELL Wednesday detailing their cooperation and development of closed-loop recycling for electronic waste. This is the first closed-loop recycled plastic manufactured by Wistron certified by a third party to be used in in DELL’s production line.

Wistron chairman Simon Lin stated that the goal of this partnership is to reduce reliance on natural resources and to extend the value of electronic waste products. With this solution, Wistron and its clients will endow electronic waste products with new lives.

Wistron remarked, as DELL’s closed-loop supply chain partner the services provided by Wistron include dismantling, refurbishment, and refining of e-waste. The model 3030 “All in One” computer, produced in collaboration with DELL and slated for release in June, will utilize certified recycled materials.

Updated : 2022-01-23 11:33 GMT+08:00