520 Special - Talent shortage, a dire concern

520 Special - Talent shortage, a dire concern

One of the biggest concerns for Taiwanese business owners is a shortage of talent who speaks fluent English and possesses a global vision. As the service industries account for a higher percentage of Taiwan’s GDP, the demand for bilingual employees is flying high, and the inadequacy of bilingual workers could lead to higher operation costs for business owners.

On the other hand, Taiwan’s higher-education system is not able to provide sufficient talent with global vision; this deficiency also brings a number of social and political problems to the country. Taiwanese media also contributes to Taiwan’s overall poor knowledge of the outside world by providing a poor, narrow, and constricted view of the world. Therefore, multinational corporations in Taiwan find difficulty in looking for useful talent.

A person with English speaking skill does not necessarily possess global vision or is an internationally-minded person. He or she must be someone who feels comfortable wherever they are placed, knows global trends, and is constantly paying attention to international affairs.

Speaking on Taiwan’s tourism policy, government should nail down the market positioning of Taiwan’s tourism industry, integrate tourism resources for a cohesive brand image and effective promotion, welcome foreign investment & cooperation, and hammer out a long-term as well as sustainable strategy to uphold the tourism industry instead of scattering pointless and unrealistic taglines.

Updated : 2021-04-14 16:59 GMT+08:00