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520 Special - Connecting to the modern tourist to promote tourism

520 Special - Connecting to the modern tourist to promote tourism

After living abroad for many years, I returned to Taiwan to work in the hospitality business five years ago. In my frequent travels to regional cities in Asia, such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore, I realized that Taiwan indeed has much to offer, but unfortunately, global exposure and access is very restricted and limited.

One case study for Taiwan, is an interesting event, the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards, where contestants compete in fashion, family, food, travel, and culture writing. These English-written blogs easily bring relevant information to today’s tourism audience. The awards provide the bloggers with public recognition, and encouragement to continue maintaining and improving their online journals.

Our Taiwanese government should use and grow the ‘soft power’ of Taiwan’s blogger community by creating a nurturing environment for them. Taiwan also suffers from a language barrier, which we must address. The government could provide and maintain English language support to translate local blogs/forums for better international access.

Introducing Taiwan’s online society in English to the world would allow better understanding for future visitors. Also further interacting with the international online community afterwards, allows us to develop better tourism promotions and offerings. A clearer orientation on real customers and real desires would make Taiwan’s tourism campaigns more appealing, with fewer empty slogans, and better money spent.

Overcoming the language barrier and providing for the online community, both locally and overseas, would benefit quicker and more accurate interaction between Taiwan and its tourists. More people will come to understand the real beauty of Taiwan and will desire to visit!

We don’t need to build better attractions. We don’t need a Sentosa island. We already have much, much more. But we do need to be better connected to the global community.

Updated : 2021-06-23 20:50 GMT+08:00