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520 Special - Tourism booms

520 Special - Tourism booms

Speaking of changes over the past six years, let’s start with development of tourism from micro-level perspective. It is clear that the tourism industry boomed in the past six years and I am glad to see Taiwan’s tourism department acting more like a promoter instead of a transcriptional regulator. At least the role of the tourism bureau is acting more in line with global practice and standards. Accordingly, we have seen an unprecedented level of tourism growth in terms of quantity and quality and, at the same time, government’s greater efforts in promoting Taiwan’s tourism around the world also raises Taiwan’s profile as a tourist destination. Earlier this year, for example, the New York Times selected Taiwan as a must-visit place in 2014.

To expand the tourism industry, government can take advantage of the large number of international business travelers in Taiwan by offering them richer weekend getaway packages for their business travel to Taiwan. As international business travel is growing with expanded international trade and personnel exchange, Taiwan’s government can provide greater tourism information, service, and discounts in cooperation with local hospitality operators and tour service providers in a bid to lure foreign business people and trade show visitors to extend their length of stay in Taiwan and thus to spend more to boost the economy.

Taiwan needs a more business-friendly regulatory environment to attract and retain high-level foreign talent, though some progress has been observed over the past few years. I hope the government can bring down red-tape to streamline business and operation in Taiwan.

Updated : 2021-06-22 01:31 GMT+08:00