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Toure deflates Man City title joy with complaint

Yaya Toure deflates Man City EPL title celebrations with complaint over treatment by club

Toure deflates Man City title joy with complaint

MANCHESTER, England (AP) -- Yaya Toure has deflated Manchester City's Premier League title celebrations by complaining about the club's treatment of him and cryptically throwing his commitment into doubt.

In a bizarre complaint, Toure's agent said City didn't sufficiently celebrate the midfielder's birthday, with Dimitry Seluk believing it "shows they don't care about him."

In a BBC interview, Seluk said "if City don't respect him, then, easy, Yaya will leave. No problem."

Initially, Toure responded on Twitter by saying "judge my commitment to MCFC by my performances."

But within an hour, Toure was more outspoken, insisting "my agent was trying to make a point here on my behalf."

The Ivory Coast player added it "seems important for me to make a statement."

He said that won't come until after the World Cup.

Updated : 2021-06-23 17:45 GMT+08:00