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Group: Troops kill 2 Palestinians without cause

Israeli rights group says 2 Palestinian teens were killed by Israeli troops without cause

Group: Troops kill 2 Palestinians without cause

JERUSALEM (AP) -- An Israeli rights group says Israeli troops fired live bullets without justification during a West Bank clash last week, killing two Palestinian teenagers.

B'Tselem said on Tuesday that its assertions are based on witness accounts and medical records.

The group's spokeswoman, Sarit Michaeli, says security camera footage of the incident that surfaced late Monday supports the group's findings.

The Israeli military has denied the use of live fire during the clash last Thursday near the town of Beitouniya, saying forces only used rubber-coated steel pellets. The military says it's investigating the incident.

Two 17-year-old Palestinians were killed that day.

Michaeli says Israeli troops firing live rounds stood more than 200 meters (yards) from the stone-throwers. She says the soldiers violated army regulations because they did not face mortal danger.

Updated : 2021-06-14 19:26 GMT+08:00