UN says forced labor $150 billion-a-year business

UN says forced labor, trafficking, 'modern slavery' generate profits of $150 billion a year

UN says forced labor $150 billion-a-year business

GENEVA (AP) -- The United Nation's labor agency says trafficking, forced labor and modern slavery is big business, generating profits of $150 billion a year.

The International Labor Organization says two thirds of the profits come from sexual exploitation and one third is the result of "forced economic exploitation" that includes domestic and agricultural workers.

ILO Director Guy Ryder said his agency's report Tuesday calls attention to the need "to eradicate this fundamentally evil, but hugely profitable practice as soon as possible."

The report is based on estimates that 21 million people worldwide are victims of the practice.

It says 55 percent of the victims are women and girls, primarily in commercial sexual exploitation and domestic work, while men and boys were primarily in forced economic exploitation in agriculture, construction and mining.

Updated : 2021-03-07 07:45 GMT+08:00