Airport inspector fired after diesel containers checked-in on flight

Taipei, May 20 (CNA) A Taiwanese airport security inspector has been fired for failing to spot two gallons of diesel fuel loaded in the checked baggage of a Japanese passenger flying to the Philippines late last month. The Aviation Police Bureau pledged Tuesday to enhance security checks and training for inspectors to avoid any mishaps in the future. Bureau officials decided to fire the inspector on duty at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport for exhibiting grave negligence in failing to stop the two containers of diesel fuel from getting onto a Manila-bound flight on Cebu Pacific Air, a budget Philippine carrier. A Tuesday press release by the bureau faulted the inspector for not taking the suspect item off the conveyor belt for further checks despite X-ray imaging showing organic items, denoted with a shade of orange. The diesel was not discovered until after the flight arrived in Manila, where airport staff found the strong-smelling fuel had seeped out of their containers and stained other luggage. Taiwanese authorities did not know about the situation until Philippine authorities notified the Civil Aeronautics Administration to suggest Taiwan enhance pre-boarding inspections. (By Chiu Chun-chin and Scully Hsiao)

Updated : 2021-01-28 22:41 GMT+08:00