Taichung Students mark Ma’s 6 years in office with sit-in

Taichung Students mark Ma’s 6 years in office with sit-in

Dozens of students from several universities in the Greater Taichung area Including Central China Medical University, National Chung Hsing University, Zhongshan Medical University and Taichung University of Science, gathered at 8:00am Monday to observe the sixth anniversary of Ma Ying-jeou’s inauguration as president with a sit-in. Shouting slogans and carrying banners sporting comments like "No FEPZs," the students met to express their aspirations as well as their exasperation with the Ma administration. One student said that school officials had appeared and attempted to talk them out of the demonstration but did not insist that they disperse.

On the sixth anniversary of his inauguration Ma Ying-jeou was in Taichung for an appearance as China Medical University, where he spoke on the theme of "Listening to the voices of young people for a generation of justice."

One student remarked that since Ma took office six years ago the people of Taiwan have seen nothing but the usual KMT style of government, namely, only one party and no outside opinions tolerated. He said that the people's demands for justice have been muted in many cases, drowned out by calls for "economic revitalization" by the government.

The students were especially vocal about the government’s plans to establish Free Economic Pilot Zones, which they said offered huge benefit to big enterprises through special tax laws and land expropriation. They warned that companies in the FEPZs will bring in large numbers of white collar workers from overseas and will enjoy special import and export privileges, thus affecting both the job market and other existing industries in Taiwan.

The students emphasized three suggestions for ensuring a better future for Taiwan. First, stop squabbling over rules and regulations for FEPZs and focus on re-orienting Taiwan's economic direction and policies. Second, uphold guarantees of justice and fairness to the younger generation who face a lifetime of difficulties in today’s world. And third, put an end to party-state collusion and restore a true sense of sovereignty to Taiwan and its people.

Updated : 2021-04-13 16:04 GMT+08:00