Woods: Surgery erased doubts, no date for return

Tiger Woods: Back surgery erased serious doubts about future, still no timetable for return

Woods: Surgery erased doubts, no date for return

BETHESDA, Maryland (AP) -- Tiger Woods says his back injury was so debilitating that it caused him to doubt whether he would play golf again.

Woods said Monday that the surgery he had March 31 erased those doubts, although he still has no timetable for his return.

Woods said before the surgery he had trouble just getting out of bed.

Said Woods: "I was certainly doubtful at that point. What's it going to feel like? Am I going to be pain-free? Am I going to be able to actually do this again, where I'm able to get out of bed, play with my kids and play golf?"

Speaking at the media day for the Quicken Loans National, Woods says he's now excited about playing again, although he's still restricted to chipping and putting.

Updated : 2021-03-07 14:44 GMT+08:00