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Families ask US Coast Guard to resume yacht search

Families of 4 missing yachtsmen ask US Coast Guard to resume search after mid-Atlantic capsize

Families ask US Coast Guard to resume yacht search

LONDON (AP) -- The families of four missing British yachtsmen are imploring the U.S. Coast Guard to resume the search for the men, whose boat capsized in mid-Atlantic.

The Cheeki Rafiki was returning from a regatta in Antigua when it ran into trouble about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on Thursday. The yacht diverted to the Azores, but contact was lost on Friday.

U.S. and Canadian aircraft, assisted by three merchant vessels, scoured the ocean, but called off the search Sunday amid treacherous weather.

Graham Male, father of 23-year-old crew member James Male, said the men could be adrift in a life raft.

He said Monday that the families are asking the British government "to put pressure on the U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian(s) to reinstate the search."