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Customer Account Bank burglarized, Customer Beware!

Customer Account Bank burglarized, Customer Beware!

I just found out that there is a "crisis" in a Bank Mandiri. A customer money was missing with a total number of ten of millions Indonesian Rupiah. However, it is not withdrawn by customers. Few days ago the Bank has sent an SMS to the customer to come to nearest branch to replace his ATM card. Today there are customers who come and queue up long because a lot of that to replace the card.

What is wrong with the Bank Mandiri? Is the security system being hacked?

Be aware of the conditions surround you when you withdraw money.

1. If you find signs of an ATM machine is physically damaged, changed or affixed to a particular tool , or loose wires , report it immediately to the bank and use another ATM .
2. Look around and note the state of the conditions around you - if the ATM is very dim lighting , or a hidden location , use another ATM .
3. Prepare your card - avoid the hassles of searching for your card in a particular bag or pinned .
4. Make sure the people who lined up behind or beside you can not see your PIN or transaction amount you entered .
5. Do not count your money while you are standing in front of an ATM - soon enter the cash , cards and transaction slips into a wallet / purse.
6. Cancel the transaction and leave immediately ATM locations if you suspect something .
7. If you use an ATM that is located in a small room and you have to open the door , do not let any other person know that you do not get into the booth / room ATM .
8. If you use a drive-through ATM , lock the car door and immediately close the window immediately after completion of the transaction .
9. Do not leave keys or other valuable items in the car when using an ATM - and do not leave the car in the condition of the engine running unattended .

Save the card and proof of transaction

1. After completion of an ATM or debit transaction , immediately ask your card , debit transaction time , pay close attention , not to loose the card out of your sight .

2. Do not leave the ATM slip - take it and keep it . Compare with the transaction slip proof sheet transactions . This is the best way to protect yourself from unauthorized use , and makes tracking easier for your use .

3. When your card is stuck in the ATM , Suspect any form of offers of help . The criminals can obtain your PIN number of different ways ( peering over the shoulder , or ask directly ) , and then take the card had been retained and used it to withdraw funds . Report the incident immediately to the bank either by visiting the branch where the ATM is located , or by telephone .

Updated : 2021-05-15 18:26 GMT+08:00