Indonesia Government is Cutting State Budget

Indonesia Government is Cutting State Budget

Ministry of Finance ( MoF ) through the Directorate General ( DG shall control expenditures in the State Budget in 2014 .Therefore, Director General ( DG ) Budget Askolani asserted, the efficiency of spending should be done .

Control the budget spending in will be conducted. The Ministry of Finance directs efficiency will be carried out in three sectors: shopping goods, social assistance and personnel expenditure.

Askolani said it would target individual ministries or agencies ( K / L ) to control . Not only that ,Askolani also revealed the MOF will provide shopping guidance which can be saved .

Ministry of Finance reported state expenditures in the state budget in the first quarter 2014 to reach Rp 286.5 trillion or 15.6 percent of the 2014 budget of Rp 1842.5 trillion.

Central government spending in the first quarter reached Rp 164.7 trillion, which mostly goes to the personnel expenditure with the number of Rp 55 trillion, Rp 14.9 trillion in goods and social assistance amounting to Rp 13.2 trillion .

The Government through the Ministry of Finance will propose ABNP Changes (Revised) in 2014 due to a shift in macroeconomic assumptions in the first quarter of 2014. Revised budget will be presented to Parliament on 20 May 2014.

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