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Cyberlink moving aggressively into mobile apps

Cyberlink moving aggressively into mobile apps

In response to mobile trends, Cyberlink Co. (5203) has invested aggressively in the R & D of mobile apps. The company is expected to release over ten apps between this year and the end of next year. Cyberlink will also incorporate community cloud services in hopes of becoming the leader in the mobile apps market. The revenue model of future business will be advertising and stickers, rich emoticon-like content. Institutional investors indicated, though Cyberlink share prices have remained flat for two and a half months, the stock is technically strong. With increased volume, it is possible for shares to rally at any time.

Cyberlink has long cultivated the computer audio video software application market. In response to mobile trends, the company is aggressively developing a new mobile phone and community app market. Currently, it has released a number of apps including YouCam Perfect, PhotoDirector, and YouSnap. Total downloads have reached approximately 150,000. Cyberlink currently has 12 app related projects in progress including new app software and existing software updates.

Cyberlink recently released photo editing software designed for Android phones. Released in March, PhotoDirector’s exclusive Android tablet edition was widely acclaimed. Cyberlink CEO Alice H. Chang stated, the company wants to satisfy more users and support more devices. Its R & D strategy focuses on providing users with the most comprehensive mobile apps and, simultaneously, providing the best user experience on devices of different sizes completely free of charge.

Cyberlink posted cumulative Q1 2014 revenue of NT$ 545 million, a gross profit margin of 84.85%, operating margin of 27.39%, consolidated net earnings of NT$ 172 million, an annual growth rate of -13.03%, and EPS of NT$1.72. April 2014 revenue totaled NT$230 million for a monthly growth rate of -12.11% and an annual growth rate of 28.33%. Cumulative January-April 2014 revenue totaled NT$775 million for an annual growth rate of -4.62%. Since the personal computer market continues to decline, Cyberlink also expects Q2 2014 revenue to be lower than the same period last year.

Even though sales have fallen significantly, Cyberlink Chairman Jau Huang stated that Cyberlink will show positive determination in the mobile app market. Currently, a number of apps have gone online and received a tremendous response and high praise from users. For example, the latest selfie app- YouCam Perfect has been downloaded over 600,000 times worldwide within one short month and was ranked the No. 1 download in the camera category for the Apple App Store’s Taiwan region. After YouCam Perfect, Cyberlink released PhotoDirector which obtained similar favor from users. In the future, the company will negotiate partnerships for bundling apps with hardware products with mobile phone and tablet manufacturers.

Furthermore, Cyberlink plans to link PC users and mobile users with the community cloud. Users will be able to send each other photos while, simultaneously, leaving messages and comments. Hopefully, this community will number tens of millions of users within three years.

Cyberlink posted 2013 net earnings per share of NT$7.07 and will issue a NT$7 cash dividend for an allotment rate of 99%. Calculated in terms of Monday’s close of NT$93.2, cash yield is as high as 7.5%. Institutional investors remarked, high cash yield and flat price performance signal a future uptrend for share prices.

Updated : 2021-06-17 08:31 GMT+08:00