Bolivian club seeks presidential recruit

Bolivian club wants to Evo Morales in the lineup

Bolivian club seeks presidential recruit

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) -- A first-division Bolivian soccer club acknowledges it's a great marketing ploy. It says President Evo Morales will suit up for the team and play about 20-30 minutes per match.

Morales is an avid player, frequently sparring with journalists, union leaders, diplomats and even presidents on the pitch.

The 55-year-old president's most famous match, in 2007, was played on Bolivia's highest peak to protest a FIFA ban on high-altitude games.

The contracting team is Sports Boys, whose president Mario Cronenbol made the announcement on Friday. It ranks ninth among 12 teams in the standings with the league in playoffs.

Morales has not yet commented on the new gig, in which he's to receive minimum wage, or $213.

Updated : 2021-04-19 02:50 GMT+08:00