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Still sick, McCartney cancels 2 more Tokyo shows

Still sick, Paul McCartney nixes 2 more Tokyo shows, apologizes for letting fans down

Still sick, McCartney cancels 2 more Tokyo shows

TOKYO (AP) -- Paul McCartney has canceled his second concert in Japan, as well as the makeup performance for the one nixed a day earlier, and apologized to his fans for still being sick with a virus.

The former Beatle said on his "Out There Japan Tour 2014" site that he wanted to perform Sunday against doctors' orders, but his team wouldn't allow it.

He said his condition had not improved and apologized for letting his fans down.

The 71-year-old McCartney got sick Friday, and canceled his concert at the last minute Saturday. But he said he'd be well enough to perform Sunday and do an additional concert Monday.

It's unclear whether the canceled concerts would be rescheduled, or when McCartney would recover to carry out the rest of his tour.

Updated : 2021-06-14 18:09 GMT+08:00