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Miss Beazley, former White House Scottie, dies

Miss Beazley, Scottish terrier given to Laura Bush by former President George W. Bush, dies

Miss Beazley, former White House Scottie, dies

DALLAS (AP) -- Miss Beazley, former President George W. Bush's beloved Scottish terrier, has died.

Bush's office announced Saturday that Miss Beazley was "put to rest" this weekend after battling cancer. She was nearly 10 years old.

The statement says Miss Beazley was "a source of joy" during Bush's time in Washington and in Dallas, where he and his wife, Laura, live.

Miss Beazley was born in October 2004. The pooch was later presented to Laura Bush as a birthday president from her husband.

The family pet was featured in a December 2005 video, "A Very Beazley Christmas" -- a look at White House holiday life presented from a dog's point of view.

The dog was named for the character Uncle Beazley, a dinosaur in Oliver Butterworth's children's book, "The Enormous Egg."

Updated : 2021-05-16 15:25 GMT+08:00