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CANNES WATCH: Depardieu reads 'Prophet' poetry

CANNES WATCH: Depardieu reads poem at preview of Hayek's 'The Prophet'

CANNES WATCH: Depardieu reads 'Prophet' poetry

CANNES, France (AP) -- Gerard Depardieu is in Cannes for a screening of his hotly anticipated film "Welcome To New York," about disgraced former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Khan, but he also was on hand to support Salma Hayek for her film "The Prophet."

The actor read a poem from the classic book by Khalil Gibran, on which Hayek's animated film is based.

Depardieu read the selection at a preview of the film, which is not in competition at the festival. The preview included several clips and Hayek, the film's producer, introduced each of the film's segment directors.

Depardieu's film -- also not in competition -- is among the more anticipated of the festival. It tells the story of Strauss-Kahn, accused of raping a hotel worker during a stay in New York. He was never charged but scandal engulfed him as other accusations were made.

It was released on video on demand in France, where Depardieu is from. It was screened in Cannes on Saturday.

-- By Cristina Jaleru --

Updated : 2021-07-28 22:40 GMT+08:00