Blue-Green squabbles continue over FEPZ bill

A joint Legislative Yuan committee made up of member of the yuan’s committees on economics, interior affairs and finance convened Wednesday to study the draft of revisions to the "Special Regulations on Free Economic Pilot Zones." The session soon devolved into bickering as both ruling and opposition legislators failed to agree on the number of persons scheduled to speak and the amount of time allotted to each speaker.

Although the two sides had previously reached a consensus on the rules governing the review," committee convener Huang Chao-shun moved to place restrictions on the number of legislators allowed to speak and their time limits, DPP legislators complained that it was unreasonable to say that the regulations were to be reviewed and then refuse to give speaks enough time to express their opinions. Huang answered by calling a press conference at noon in which he claimed that the DPP lawyers were more interested in stalling than talking about the regulations. He ridiculed DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming’s request that each speaker be given up to three hours to talk. "Why would anyone let those loudmouths prattle on for three hours?" asked Huang.

Huang protested that the two sides had already reached a consensus on the numbers and time limits for speakers, but Green committee member Wu Bing-rui pressed the committee convener, demanding, “Where are the provisions we agreed on? Show them to us!" With that, several DPP and TSU legislators move onto the podium and wrestled for control with Huang.

Huang stressed that two months have already elapsed since the review of the FEPZ regulations began on March 6. She advised the DPP not to try stalling further discussions, saying that such a tactic would only put more pressure on Taiwan’s economy to go backwards. Huang said KMT legislators were acting in full compliance with the rules of procedure while DPP legislators like Lin Shu-fen were conspicuously absent from the proceedings while those opposition legislators who were present were doing this like trying to commandeer the podium.

KMT Legislator Lin Teh-fu scoffed at the DPP faction’s tactics, saying that the people are tired of seeing their obstructive actions. He said the FEPZ bill should be passed as soon as possible and said that after seeing what the DPP is trying to do, the people will never allow them to become the ruling party again.