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Taipei, Oct. 6 (CNA) An illegal Vietnamese worker died Thursday after falling from the ninth floor of a Taipei City Police Headquarters' temporary detention center for illegal foreign immigrants awaiting repatriation, police said Friday.
The man, identified as Nguyen Ngoc Trong, came to Taiwan in June 2003 to work aboard a fishing boat in the southern port city of Kaohsiung. He absconded from his fishery worker position about a year ago and was sent to the detention center Aug. 23 this year after being caught at Taipei Main Station the same day.
In the wee hours of Thursday, the 39-year-old man was spotted on closed-circuit television trying to escape the detention center by using a rope made from torn bed sheets to climb to the ground from a ninth-storey window. While the security guard was reporting the situation to on-duty police officers, Nguyen lost grip of the bed sheet which only reached to the seventh floor and fell to the ground.
Firefighters rushed him to nearby Mackay Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment, but he died later that day.
Police said Nguyen's attempt to flee from the detention center might have arisen from a fear of his imminent repatriation to his home country.
The Taipei City Police Headquarters' supervisory and foreign affairs departments have begun investigating the cause of the tragedy.
City police authorities said they will cooperate with the Vietnamese representative office in Taipei in handling the matter. In addition to checking whether anyone should be held responsible for the incident, police authorities said they will work to improve internal management and supervision to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy.
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