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Low-ranking civil servants to be allowed to visit China

Low-ranking civil servants to be allowed to visit China

Low-ranking civil servants and police officers will be able to travel to Mainland China beginning mid-October, Mainland Affairs Council announced yesterday.
MAC Chairman Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) said during an interview that when the amendment of Article 9 of the Act Governing Relations Between People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area goes into effect on October 19, qualified civil servants and police officers will be able to take China trips freely.
It is estimated that 530,000 civil servants and 60,000 police officers are going to benifit from the amendment.
According to Article 9, Civil servants and non-civil servant personnel of the National Security Bureau (國安局), Ministry of National Defense, Bureau of Investigation under the Ministry of Justice, and their agencies at all levels shall not enter the Mainland China Area unless permitted by the Ministry of Interior.
With the enactment of the amendment of Article 9 - which passed in the Legislature this June and ratified by the Executive Yuan this October - civil servants of the 10th rank or below as well as police officers of the fourth rank or below, whose duties and responsibilities do not involve confidential matters on national security - will be able to travel to the Mainland Area without being required to apply for a permit with the Ministry of the Interior.
Wu said the decision was made because of requests from the general public to allow more people to travel to China.
The chairman reminded those who want to travel to China to abide by the law when staying in Mainland China, and always keep the interests of Taiwan in mind.
The MAC has been negotiating with Mainland China to open bilateral tourism across the Taiwan Strait, and the MAC said it is optimistic that by the end of the year cross-strait tourists will be able to come and go freely and legally.
At present, Taiwanese tourists have to pass through Hong Kong or Macau before they enter mainland China, and it is estimated more than 3 million Taiwanese will take some of kind of tour to China every year.

Updated : 2021-06-14 06:02 GMT+08:00