Direct Shipping Links, the fatal poison to agriculture in Taiwan!

Lin Chung-mo (Legislator, DPP )

Direct Shipping Links, the fatal poison to agriculture in Taiwan!

Taiwan’s admiflance to the WTO, farmers in Taiwan have been suffering from the massive import of foreign farm produce, and what is worse, from the rampant smuggling from China and the bacteria affection of the agriculture and animal husbandry. Who could appreciate their hardships?

According to the agricultural economy in Taiwan is on the verge of going broke, and the tillage price has dropped by 50% or more. Thus, there is a loss of about NT$2.2 trillion to the farmers in Taiwan, in addition to causing a serious impact on the related consuming economy and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), and a larger income gap between the city and the village. What can be anticipated is that a complete opening of direct shipping links will increase the chance of an invasion of plant and animal diseases and pests through the growing amounts and types of agricultural produce imported from China. Further more, the advantage of low labor and land cost in China will appeal to Taiwanese businessmen to invest on the agriculture there, and the produce will definitely be dumped back on Taiwan, seriously affecting the home market.

Under the due to DDP administration so far, the economy in Taiwan has indeed declined due to the recession of international economy and strife between domestic political parties. However, to promote the economy by direct shipping links is nothing but an improper decision in a desperate situation. The fact has proved that it cannot solve the economic difficulties but will lead to lose instead. We have learned an impressive lesson from the agriculture sector. In a word, the “Direct Shipping Links” is not the solution but the poison to the agriculture in Taiwan. That’s the fact we all have to realize and to break the myth- “Direct Shipping Links to save the economy.” As to the dying agriculture, I would expect the government to pay more attention and provide assistance for it’s promotion and transformation policies, such as high-tech agriculture business, development of recreational agriculture and fishery, industry upgrades, and so on. This way, a bright future of the agriculture in Taiwan can expected.

Updated : 2021-04-18 23:35 GMT+08:00