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Taipei, Feb. 5 (CNA) Prices on Taipei's stock futures market were higher Thursday as the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAIEX) Capitalization Weighted Index for October moved up 145 points to close at 7,012, with 39,715 contracts changing hands.
TAIEX Index futures for November gained 138 points to close at 7,005, with 615 contracts traded, while December futures increased 148 points to finish at 7,008, with 45 contracts traded.
March futures moved up 136 points to finish at 7,008, with 14 contracts traded. No transactions were recorded for June.
Taiwan International Mercantile Exchange reference levels for TAIEX Index futures trading were set Thursday at 6,867 for October, 6,867 for November, 6,860 for December, 6,872 for March and 6,884 for June.
Electronics (TE) and financial (TF) futures, which are sub-index futures based on Taiwan Stock Exchange-listed electronics shares and financial stocks, were also higher.
October TE futures moved up 6.3 points to close at 300.65, with 7,207 contracts traded, while November TE futures gained 7.95 points to finish at 300.95, with 96 contract transactions.
December TE futures increased 4.5 points to close at 299, with one contract traded. No transactions were recorded for other months.
October TF futures moved up 12.6 points to finish at 969.4, with 2,369 contracts changing hands, while November TF futures gained 13.6 points to close at 971.2, with 13 contracts traded.
December TF futures increased 13.4 points to close at 970, with six contracts traded. No transactions were recorded for March and June.
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