(repeat) Taipei, Oct. 4 (CNA) Foreign investors still harbor optimism toward Taiwan's economic climate despite the country's recent political disturbances, Premier Su Tseng-chang said Wednesday.
At the closing ceremony of the 25th World Chinese Traders Convention held in Taipei, Su told ethnic Chinese businesspeople from around the world that Taiwan's current political turmoil is quite normal for a young democracy.
Although some media reports have depicted the country as undergoing much political conflict, foreign investors still have faith in Taiwan's investment climate, judging from Chunghwa Telecom's recent overseas raising of capital and London-based Standard Chartered Bank's plan to purchase Hsinchu International Bank in Taiwan.
Su said his Cabinet has made Taiwan's sustainable economic development its priority, and that it recently proposed several major investment projects, offering preferential treatment to investors.
Noting that Taiwan boasts a sound economic infrastructure, Su said the sporadic political conflict represents a normal phenomenon in a democracy still in an adolescent stage.
Citing the example of a recent massive sit-in in Taipei with President Chen Shui-bian as its target, Su said the rally finally proved to be peaceful.
"This is real progress in the political sphere," Su stressed.
Referring to the investment projects, Su said the government will release thousands of hectares of land for the initiative and continue offering preferential rent in industrial areas, in addition to streamlining paperwork for investors. Su said he welcomed more investment from overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Taiwan.
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Updated : 2021-03-03 17:05 GMT+08:00