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Infighting continues as KMT campaign for Taipei mayor heats up

Infighting continues as KMT campaign for Taipei mayor heats up

The KMT contest to field a candidate for the Taipei mayor’s race in November has heated up suddenly after legislator Alex Tsai, looking like an also-ran leading into Saturday’s final balloting, urged party members Wednesday to support Sean Lien as the party nominee and criticized fellow lawmaker Ting Shou-chung for what he called "weakness and inability to create anything." Ting fired back Thursday morning, saying that Tsai’s abandoned campaign for the mayor’s race was nothing more than “match-fixing" from start to finish. He said such behavior would not be tolerated in sports and is even less appropriate in dealing with the people of Taipei.

Tsai told reporters Thursday morning that he had long been a contributor to the development of the Neihu and Nangang districts of Taipei and lambasted Ting as someone who has never built anything. He said Ting lacked financial sense and his thinking was conservative and out of date. Ting, said Tsai, is totally unsuited to be Taipei mayor.

Ting came back by noting that much of Neihu’s resurgence in the past decade came because straightening the Keelung River opened up large tracts of undeveloped land for planning and development , Of Tsai’s contributions, Ting said the development in Neihu "had nothing to do with him, he wasn’t even a legislator at the time."

Ting characterized Tsai as a match-fixer in the mayor’s race, shouting out calls for solidarity on the one hand while conspiring with other ‘players’ at the same time. He called Tsai an attack dog sowing disinformation to discredit others in the race. Ting said “their” behavior (a reference to the Sean Lien camp) shows they are losing in the poll, otherwise Tsai would never come out at this stage of the campaign and throw his support to Lien.

Ting appealed to members of the party to keep in mind that he is the most experienced candidate in the race. He repeated an earlier dig at the advisory team Sean Lien has assembled for his campaign. He said his own advisors were young professors and scholars with no generational gap between them and most of the public, unlike the team of “some people” who are from their parents’ generation, more than a decade older than most people.