Taipei Times: MOFA asks Polish media to retract occupation reporting

A report by Taipei Times on Sunday drew criticism from the public with worries of government's infringement of freedom of press. According to the report, a Polish journalist named Hanna Shen said that Taiwan's representative office in Poland requested the media agency Shen working for to retract a report on the violent crackdown of the occupation at the Executive Yuan.

The Polish media group Niezalezna received a letter from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Bureau in Poland disagreeing its usage of an analogy between the violent crackdown at the Executive Yuan March 23 and the armed supression taking place in Ukrainian capital Kiev. Shen expressed surprise after receiving such request from a "robust democracy," saying in a telephone interview with Taipei Times that her newpaper has been publishing articles critical of the governments of Russia, China, and the former Ukrianian government but has never received any letter of this kind requesting to remove anything.

Shen believed "the analogy was suitable after having personally witnessed unarmed students, doctors, and journalists being beaten by the police to evict protesters from the Executive Yuan."

As to the response from the authorities, Zhang Ming-zhon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' director-general of European affairs said that they are contacting the representative office in Poland to understand the matter better.