Supporters urge students to end occupation of Legislature

Taipei, April 6 (CNA) Former presidential advisor Rex How Sunday joined calls for student-led demonstrators to end their weeks-long occupation of the Legislature in protest of the trade-in-services agreement with China. "Now is the time to consider making an honorable, successful shift to the bigger chamber of society instead of limiting yourselves to just the chamber of the Legislative Yuan," said How, adding that he respects whichever decision they make. His call came during a press conference aimed not at opposing the protesters but showing support for them while at the same time urging a timely end to the occupation movement. Also at the press conference was film director Ko Yi-cheng, who said he has been moved by the student protest, praising demonstrators for bringing public attention to important issues but also saying that he felt it was time they withdrew from the Legislature. A letter by renowned author Huang Chun-ming was also read at the conference, though Huang himself was not present. In his address to the protesters, Huang said that he has seen hope for the future through their enthusiasm but suggested they return the "baton of democracy" to the Legislature and sing a victorious song of closing. Earlier in the day, Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-Pyng met with protesters inside and outside the Legislative Yuan where he urged them to end their protest. Following the meeting, protesters said they would deliberate among themselves whether to leave the main legislative chamber, which they have held since March 18. As of 8 p.m., they had not made any further announcements. (By Sabine Cheng and Elaine Hou)