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CAL to give away I-Mei’s Lightning Chocolate for Children’s Day

CAL to give away I-Mei’s Lightning Chocolate for Children’s Day

In order to celebrate children’s day, China Airlines (CAL) will handout the extremely popular Lightning Chocolate to passengers traveling on April 4. This includes over 60 flights on routes to Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong from Songshan Airport and Taoyuan Airport. All passengers will be served chocolate with their meal, so there will be no need to wait on line.

Japanese Black Thunder Chocolate has recently become extremely popular in Taiwan. Demand far outstrips supply and has, in turn, driven interest in other chocolate products and awakened the public’s joy in eating these simple and delicious snacks. Leading Taiwanese food manufacturer I-Mei’s Lightning Chocolate has also ridden this wave of popularity. A large number of people like buying domestic products and have also caused shortages in Lightning Chocolate.

Two years ago I-Mei Food Co., introduced Lightning Chocolate. Even though the inspiration for this product came from Japanese Black Thunder Chocolate, I-Mei’s product was adjusted to match Taiwanese tastes. Thus, Lightning Chocolate is less sweet and well beloved by women consumers. Starting April 4, I-Mei’s Lightning Chocolate will be one of the dessert choices aboard CAL flights. This is in addition to existing Taiwan pineapple cakes and Jiayi square cakes to allow passengers to sample Taiwanese delicacies carefully chosen by CAL.

CAL has always been committed to bringing the best Taiwan has to offer onto their planes to present to passengers and promote an international spirit. This includes inflight meals created jointly by the Ambassador Hotel, Regent Hotel, and eight renowned chefs. CAL also recently rolled out two bottles of in-flight fine wines made by the award-winning wine maker TCilk Estate owned by a Taiwanese couple. CAL is continuously innovating and sharing superior Taiwanese products with the world.

Updated : 2022-05-29 00:04 GMT+08:00