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DPP: White Wolf must be watched closely

DPP: White Wolf must be watched closely

DPP spokesman Lin Chun-hsien warned Tuesday that Chang An-lo, commonly known as the ‘White Wolf,’ has been mobilizing people to go to the Legislative Yuan to put pressure on members of the Sunflower Movement to abandon their occupation of the Legislative Yuan.

Lin noted that Chang has a well-documented record of organized crime and intimidation and fled Taiwan in 1996 to avoid prosecution. Then after he returned last year from China he was released on bail of NT$1 million and has since been allowed to move freely around Taiwan. Lin said that Chang must be watched very closely to see whether he has returned to his old ways and urged prosecutors to have his bail revoked immediately should he be found to threatening anyone connected with the student occupation of the Legislative Yuan.

During a Tuesday morning press conference Lin noted that Chang is rumored to be behind the actions of a number of gang members who have tried to pick fights with students involved in the ongoing protest at the Legislative Yuan. He strongly urged those on the scene to be alert to attempts to "use violence to incite violence."

Lin also rejected claims by opponents of the Sunflower movement that the students are trying to utilize ‘mob tactics’. He pointed to the fact that student organizers were able to attract a huge crowd – estimated to be anywhere from 100,000 to as high as 700,000 – to gather on the street on a humid and warm Sunday afternoon, and they also managed to persuade the ‘mob’ to disperse without incident in a total of about half an hour, leaving behind a minimum of trash to show that anyone had been there at all. That, said Lin, does not sound very much like the behavior of a mob.

Lin pointed out that Chang is well known gang member who was implicated in the assassination of writer Henry Liu in the US. He noted that while it is not unknown for known criminals to receive token sentences or have their bail set at suspiciously low rates, he has never seen anyone as arrogant and relaxed as Chang as he swaggers around Taiwan. Lin wonders just where all this self-assurance comes from.

Lin said Ma Ying-jeou’s sister Ma Yi-nan traveled to Shenzhen in 2008 south to participate in a rally organized by Chang An-lo. He added that when Chang returned to Taiwan prosecutors did not think it would be necessary to hold him in custody. All this coddling of a known gangster who has repeatedly caused significant harm to public order presents all kinds of red flags for the DPP, and Lin urged everyone to keep an eye out for Chang and his minions in order to avoid any possible violence surrounding the student occupation of the Legislative Yuan. If any violent acts occur and they can be linked to the White Wolf, said Lin, the administration of Ma Ying-jeou must be held fully accountable.

Updated : 2021-12-05 20:28 GMT+08:00