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Canadian PM to visit Ukraine next week

Canadian PM to visit Ukraine during European trip next week

Canadian PM to visit Ukraine next week

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper will briefly visit Ukraine next week during a European trip, the first G7 leader to do so since the new government took office under the shadow of Russian intervention.

Harper is traveling to the Netherlands for the Nuclear Security Summit from March 24-25 in The Hague. But he will travel to Kiev on March 22 to meet the country's new prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Harper said Friday that Canada remains united with its allies in recognizing the government of Ukraine, and in supporting Ukraine's sovereignty.

Harper last visited Ukraine in October 2010.

His visit follows Sunday's hastily called referendum in Crimea on splitting off from Ukraine and joining Russia.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada won't recognize the outcome of the referendum.

Updated : 2021-06-12 20:05 GMT+08:00