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Obama's 'Funny or Die' skit over 15 million hits

Obama's 'Funny or Die' skit almost at Justin Bieber level for views

Obama's 'Funny or Die' skit over 15 million hits

NEW YORK (AP) -- President Barack Obama's appearance on the "Between Two Ferns" satirical online talk show this week is at 15 million views -- almost at Justin Bieber levels.

The website Funny or Die said Friday that Obama's interview with Zach Galfianakis (ga-lih-fih-NA'-kihs), posted Tuesday, will likely beat Bieber's record of 17.8 million views for the talk show. The comic website's CEO, Dick Glover, called the appearance a key moment for the Internet, much like Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chats for radio and the Kennedy-Nixon debate for television.

Obama told Ryan Seacrest in an interview Friday that he figured he'd reached his target audience of young people with a health care message when his daughter Malia was excited to hear he had taped the appearance with Galfianakis.

Updated : 2021-11-29 17:49 GMT+08:00