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Algerian forces kill 7 militants near Tunisia

Algerian forces kill 7 gunmen crossing the border from Tunisia

Algerian forces kill 7 militants near Tunisia

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) -- Algeria's Interior Ministry says it killed seven militants attempting to sneak into the country in a four-wheel drive vehicle from Tunisia near the city of Tebessa.

Friday's statement said the armed group, which included foreigners, was surrounded by security forces. The militants abandoned their vehicle and attempted to flee into the mountainous terrain during the firefight. The ministry didn't say how many escaped.

Weapons and ammunition were recovered from the abandoned vehicle.

Militants linked with al-Qaida are holed up just across the border in Tunisia's Jebel Chaambi mountain and are believed to use the rough terrain to cross back and forth between the two countries.

Updated : 2022-01-17 18:05 GMT+08:00