France: EU mission to Central Africa not ready

France says EU partners failing to come through on military help for Central African Republic

France: EU mission to Central Africa not ready

PARIS (AP) -- France is warning that the European Union peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic can't start next week as scheduled because some countries haven't provided the troops they have promised.

The 28-nation EU decided on Feb. 10 to back France's efforts to help stop the sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians in Central African Republic. The French Foreign and Defense ministries said in a statement Friday that other European countries haven't come through with promised contributions and if they don't do so "very quickly," the force won't be ready.

The arrival of the EU contingent of an expected 1,000 troops aims to allow wider military operations outside of the capital Bangui to help stabilize the country.

There are now 2,000 French troops in the former French colony and 6,000 African troops.

Updated : 2021-03-05 18:57 GMT+08:00