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BC-AP News Coverage Advisory 1445 GMT

BC-AP News Coverage Advisory 1445 GMT

Here's a look at how AP's general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change.


Among today's coverage highlights as we see them at 1445 GMT:

-- MALAYSIA-PLANE (sent; developing)


-- UNITED STATES-UKRAINE (sent; developing)



-- CINTON DOCUMENTS (sent; developing)

-- OBAMA-IMMIGRATION (sent; developing)



Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours:


MALAYSIA-PLANE - The international search for a missing Malaysian jetliner expands westward toward the Indian Ocean amid signs the aircraft may have flown for hours after its last contact with air-traffic control. A U.S. official tells the Associated Press the plane sent signals to a satellite for four hours after it went missing nearly a week ago, raising the possibility it could have flown far from the current search areas and heightening speculation that whatever happened to the plane may have been a deliberate act. SENT: 1,300 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Developing on a number of fronts.

MALAYSIA-PLANE-PILOTS - The pilots of the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet were a contented middle-aged family man passionate enough about flying to build his own simulator and a 27-year-old from a privileged background who had just graduated to the Boeing 777 cockpit. Both men are described as upstanding and community minded but each has quirks that reveal a more colorful side to their pilot personas. UPCOMING: 800 words by 11:30 a.m., photos.

- MALAYSIA-PLANE-SENDING SIGNALS - A look at the different types of signals jetliners give off. SENT: 350 words.

UNITED STATES-UKRAINE - The top diplomats for Russia and the U.S. voiced pessimism Friday about negotiating an immediate end to the crisis in Ukraine or preventing its strategic Crimea region from voting this weekend to break off from the rest of the country. SENT: 830 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing

UKRAINE'S NEIGHBORS - Broken promises of help from the West. A tragic history of Russian invasion that goes back centuries. A painful awareness that conflicts in this volatile region are contagious. These are the factors that make nations across Eastern Europe watch events in Ukraine -- and tremble. SENT: 1100 words, photo.

UKRAINE-RADICAL RIGHT - Weeks after mass protests ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, members of the ultranationalist group the Right Sector are still occupying buildings in Kiev. The group isn't content with controlling the streets: They want real power in government. SENT: 950 words, photos.

NYC EXPLOSION - Using sound devices to probe for voices and telescopic cameras to peer into small spaces, workers searching a pile of rubble from a gas explosion continue to treat it as a rescue operation. SENT: 850 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing

PISTORIUS TRIAL - Police photographs of Pistorius standing on his blood-stained prosthetic legs and wearing shorts covered in blood, taken shortly after the athlete fatally shot his girlfriend, were shown to the court at his murder trial Friday. SENT: 850 words, photos.

PAKISTAN - Two bombings in separate parts of Pakistan killed 17 people and wounded dozens on Friday as judges ordered the country's former president, Pervez Musharraf, to appear in court to face charges of high treason or face arrest. SENT: 460 words, photos.

LIBYA - An Egyptian official says armed men have seized 70 Egyptians in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. SENT: 130 words.

SYRIA - The Syrian foreign minister was rushed to a Beirut hospital and was undergoing treatment Friday for blocked coronary arteries, Lebanese security officials and a lawmaker said. SENT: 370 words, photos.

SPAIN-TERROR ATTACKS - Spanish and Moroccan authorities on Friday arrested seven suspected members of an al-Qaida-linked extremist cell allegedly recruiting members to fight in Syria and other hotspots. SENT: 300 words.

NIGERIA-VIOLENCE - Nigeria's Ministry of Defense says it has repelled a terrorist attack aimed at freeing Islamic extremists detained at the main military barracks in the northern city of Maiduguri. SENT: 330 words.

SUDAN - A court in Sudan has sentenced 18 rebel leaders to death for murder, including the head of a delegation in talks with the Sudanese government. SENT: 130 words.

IRAQ-CHILD BRIDES - A contentious draft law being considered in Iraq could allow girls as young as 9 to get married and would require wives to submit to sex on their husband's whim. SENT: 850 words, photos.

ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS - The Israeli military says Gaza militants have fired one rocket at Israel after two days of intense exchanges. SENT: 130 words.

FRANCE-WWI-REBURIAL - The ceremony was a reminder of the horrors of a war that devastated this continent 100 years ago - and as a reminder of why many Europeans today are so wary of seeing a new conflict on their eastern flank in Ukraine. SENT: 760 words, photos.

FRANCE-POLLUTION - Air pollution that has turned Paris skies a murky yellow is giving a break to millions of French travelers - all public transportation in the Paris region and two other cities is free for the next three days. SENT: 130 words, photos.

LATVIA-WAFFEN SS -- A government spokesman says Latvia's environment minister will be fired for rejecting government orders not to participate in annual commemorations of Latvian soldiers who fought in Nazi units during World War II. SENT: 300 words.

JAPAN-ANNE FRANK - Police on Friday arrested a man for allegedly tearing pages out of books related to Anne Frank at a Tokyo library. SENT: 160 words, photo.

OBIT-BENN - Tony Benn, committed British socialist who gave up his aristocratic title, dies at age 88. SENT: 1,100 words, photos.

CHINA-KNIFE ATTACK-- A fight between two food stall owners at a market in southern China leaves five people hacked to death and one person fatally shot by police, authorities say. SENT: 260 words, photos.

PHILIPPINES-CHINA - The Philippines rejects a Chinese demand that it remove a grounded navy ship from a disputed shoal in the South China Sea, saying the vessel is a permanent government outpost. SENT: 330 words.

INDIA-BUILDING COLLAPSE -An old, seven-story residential building collapses in a Mumbai suburb and up to 10 people may be trapped under the debris, Indian officials say. SENT: 170 words.

JAPAN-SEX SLAVES - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his government is not considering a revision of the country's 1993 apology for forcing South Korean and other women to have sex with Japanese soldiers during World War II. SENT: 300 words, photo.

PHILIPPINES-US MILITARY - American negotiators have agreed that Philippine authorities can have access to U.S. facilities set up inside local military bases, clearing a key obstacle in their talks on a new military accord, Philippine officials say. SENT: 460 words.

THAILAND-SOUTHERN VIOLENCE - A Buddhist teacher is fatally shot on her way to school and then set ablaze in southern Thailand, becoming the 170th teacher killed by suspected Muslim insurgents in the country's decade-long insurgency, authorities say. SENT: 220 words.

OBAMA-HEALTH CARE - Obama says enough people have signed up for health care to make his signature law work. Obama tells medical web site WebMD that the 4.2 million people enrolled for this year, quote, "is already large enough that I'm confident the program will be stable." UPCOMING: 130 words.

OBAMA-IMMIGRATION -- With prospects for real immigration reform fading, Obama is yielding to pressure from some of his staunchest allies and looking for ways to act without Congress to ease the suffering caused by deportation. SENT: 780 words, photos.

UNITED STATES-IRELAND - St. Patrick's Day comes early to the White House as Biden, Obama meet with Irish leader Kenny. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Update with meeting at 1430 GMT, photos.

EXCLUSIVE: LEGALIZING MARIJUANA-BACKGROUND CHECKS - The FBI is refusing to run checks on people applying to run legal marijuana businesses in Washington state, even though it has conducted similar checks in Colorado . SENT: 850 words, photos.

MADOFF FRAUD-TRIAL - After a five-month-long look at what the government learned about Bernard Madoff's epic fraud, jurors are close to beginning to weigh whether five of his former employees were his conspirators or his dupes. SENT: 490 words.

NYC TRAIN DERAILMENT-FEDERAL REPORT - A Federal Railroad Administration review says Metro-North commuter railroad's operations "routinely overshadowed" safety while over-emphasizing on-time performance. SENT: 300 words.

EXORCISM DEATHS - Two Maryland women have been indicted in the stabbings of four children in what authorities say the women believed was an exorcism. SENT: 130 words.

GAP YEAR-FINANCIAL AID - A new program at Tufts University hopes to remove the financial barriers keeping cash-strapped students from taking a year off after high school to travel or volunteer. UPCOMING: 630 words by 1530 GMT. photos.

TEMPLE SLAYINGS - A man convicted after his third trial in the 1991 killings of nine people, including six monks, at a suburban Phoenix Buddhist temple is set for sentencing and faces life in prison. SENT: 450 words, photos. UPCOMING: 600 words after 1530 GMT sentencing hearing.

CLINTON DOCUMENTS - National Archives to release 4,000 more pages of documents from Clinton White House. SENT: 490 words. UPCOMING: Documents released at 1700 GMT at


NETHERLANDS-PRINTING A HOUSE - Dutch architects are fabricating pieces of a canal house out of plastic with a giant 3-D printer and slotting them together like oversized Lego blocks. SENT: 330 words, photos.

DIGITAL LIFE-GETTING GLASS-FIRST STEPS - Shaped like a lopsided headband, Google Glass is an unassuming piece of technology when you're holding it in your hands. Putting it on, though, is another story. Once you do, this Internet-connected eyewear takes on a life of its own. UPCOMING: 800 words by 1600 GMT, photos.

CHINA-NEW MEDIA CONTROLS - A popular Chinese instant messaging service removes at least 40 accounts with content about political, economic and legal issues in a possible sign communist authorities are tightening control over discussion of sensitive topics. SENT: 450 words.

BRITAIN-CYBER CHALLENGE - Dozens of young computer experts are struggling to understand why Britain's banking network suddenly seems to have gone off line. The exercise -- it is just an exercise -- is meant to help highlight the threat many here see as inevitable: A major cyberattack on the nation's critical infrastructure. UPCOMING: 300 words by 1700 GMT, update on merits.


JAPAN-FISHERIES-RECOVERY - Some businessmen are helping to bring back the fishing industry, long a mainstay livelihood for coastal towns along Japan's northeastern coast. SENT: 850 words, photos.

PRODUCER PRICES - The prices companies receive for their goods and services falls slightly in February, the latest sign that inflation is tame. SENT: 400 words, photo

DANNON-HEALTH PUSH -- Dannon says it will cut back the amount of sugar in its yogurts intended for children. The move is part of a variety of measures the company is taking to improve the nutritional content of its yogurts by 2016. SENT: 340 words.


OBIT-BOB THOMAS - Bob Thomas, the longtime Associated Press reporter who kept the world informed on the comings and goings of Hollywood's biggest stars, from Clark Gable to Tom Cruise, died Friday. He was 92. SENT: 1200 words, photos.


- MEXICO-POPOCATEPETI-CEREMONY-PHOTO GALLERY - Every year, pilgrims from nearby villages trek up Popocatepetl volcano southeast of Mexico City to appeal for calm. SENT: 165 words, photos.