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Thai police detain 220 suspected Turkish migrants

Thai police detain 220 suspected Turkish refugees hiding near rubber plantations

Thai police detain 220 suspected Turkish migrants

HAT YAI, Thailand (AP) -- Thai authorities have detained more than 220 suspected Turkish migrants believed to be victims of a trafficking ring.

Police Col. Chusak Panas-umporn said Thursday that immigration police found the group at a secluded camp near rubber plantations in southern Songkhla province.

The group included 78 men, 60 women and 82 children.

Chusak said they identified themselves as Turkish but did not carry any identification documents. Police were seeking a Turkish translator to try to communicate with the group members before pressing charges of illegal entry against them.

Police suspected the traffickers were planning to move the group to a third country.

The U.N. refugee agency was helping the immigrants.

Last January, Thai authorities raided shelters on a rubber plantation in Songkhla and detained about 400 Rohingya who had fled Myanmar.

Updated : 2021-06-22 18:31 GMT+08:00