China police seize activist who runs rights site

Chinese police take away veteran activist, owner of rights monitoring site, seize computers

China police seize activist who runs rights site

BEIJING (AP) -- The mother of a veteran activist in southwestern China says police have taken away the campaigner and seized his computers and mobile phones.

Huang Qi's mother says police went to Huang's home in the city of Chengdu on Thursday afternoon and produced a summons before taking him away.

Pu Wenqing, Huang's mother, says police searched their home and seized five computers, two mobile phones and other equipment.

Huang founded a rights monitoring website and has long been one of China's most outspoken advocates for the rights of people who try to bring their grievances to the attention of the government but often face police harassment.

He served a five-year prison sentence from 2003 on subversion charges linked to politically sensitive articles posted on his website.

Updated : 2021-04-14 10:42 GMT+08:00