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HTC tops NT$150 as foreign investors buy in

HTC tops NT$150 as foreign investors buy in

As anticipation for new phones continue to simmer, HTC is once again the favorite amongst foreign investors. In the past 4 trading sessions, foreign investors successively purchased close to 10 million HTC shares. Shares stayed strong throughout the trading day, topping NT$150 (above its short/mid-term moving average) and closed at NT$148.

Foreign investors praised HTC’s mid-range phone strategy with models such as the Desire 816. This strategy, coupled with anticipation for new phone models, has the opportunity to recapture market share, and foreign investors have revised their price target to NT$155. Foreign investors have successively purchased 9.77 million shares of HTC in the last 4 trading days.

HTC share prices were strong Thursday, topping NT$150, reaching a high of $151.5, and closing at NT$148. The stock has a 5-day moving average of NT$144.8, 10-day moving average of NT$141, 20-day moving average of NT$136, 60-day moving average of NT$137, and a 6-month moving average of over NT$140. It’s intraday volume was close to 10 million shares.

HTC is waging a counter offensive in mainland China and striking out boldly in the mid-range segment. The newly released Desire 816 is positioned as a mid-range flagship model priced at less than NT$9,000. The market believes, once a pricing advantage has been established, HTC’s odds of victory will increase in their battle with competitors.

HTC’s March 25 new model presentation will elicit widespread interest. HTC recently released a third video on Youtube emphasizing the functionality of the HTC One’s ultrapixel camera. HTC believes this next-generation flagship model will be the most outstanding yet.

Updated : 2021-05-12 07:15 GMT+08:00