-AP Europe News Digest at 0800 GMT, AP

-AP Europe News Digest at 0800 GMT, AP



SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine -- Russia fever is everywhere in the streets of Crimea -- from the men who hawk Russian tricolor flags to drivers at traffic lights to the mini-vans that belt out patriotic songs to the World War II bunker that has become a drop-off point for people to donate blankets and canned food for armed militiamen who patrol the streets. For the ethnic Ukrainians and Tatars who are the minority in the strategic peninsula, it is fear that dominates. They fear separation from the homeland; they fear the loss of an identity that has always been vulnerable in Russian-dominated Crimea; and they fear outright attack from thugs who run around unchecked by the Kremlin-planted regional government. By Mike Eckel. UPCOMING: By 1700 GMT, photos.


LONDON -- Russian troops are digging trenches along the Crimean frontier while NATO planes monitor Ukraine's border. Angry Western leaders threaten economic sanctions and diplomatic deep freeze. Some advocate moving thousands of NATO troops back into eastern Europe. Moscow's military takeover of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula -- which may vote to join Russia in a weekend referendum -- seems to have whisked the world back to a time when the United States and the Soviet Union squared off in a high-stakes standoff that divided the world into two opposing camps. But, historians and diplomats say, this is not Cold War 2.0. By Jill Lawless. UPCOMING: 1,000 words, photos.


BUDAPEST, Hungary -- German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his counterparts from the Visegrad Group -- Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia -- meet to discuss the situation in Ukraine. News conference at 15:45 GMT. By Pablo Gorondi. Text, photos.


ALGIERS, Algeria -- Algeria's new anti-government movement stages a demonstration at the main university campus to protest the aging president running for yet another term in April's elections. The protests are a rare sign of political discontent in this oil and gas giant that is a key US ally against al-Qaida. UPCOMING: 500 words, photos.


VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis marks his first year as pope.


AMSTERDAM -- Shell's new chief executive Ben van Beurden lays out his plans for the company's future. Special focus on company's operations in Ukraine. By Toby Sterling, 300 words expected by 1100GMT.


FRANKFURT, Germany -- Automaker Volkswagen AG reports fourth-quarter and full-year earnings figures.


FRANKFURT, Germany -- German airline Lufthansa reports fourth-quarter and full-year earnings figures.


LISBON, Portugal -- Workers with the national rail company, state-owned Comboios de Portugal, stage a 24-hour strike against austerity measures implemented as part of the country's 2011 bailout. 130 words by 1100 GMT.


MUNICH -- Judges are expected to deliver a verdict in a multi-million dollar tax evasion case against Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness that has gripped Germany. During the four-day trial the amount the 62-year-old is alleged to have dodged grew steadily, reaching almost $38 million. Legal experts say the large sum makes it unlikely that the head of one of Europe's most successful football clubs will receive anything less than a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

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