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Leftist declared winner in Salvador's election

Salvador's electoral court declares leftist candidate winner of presidential election

Leftist declared winner in Salvador's election

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) -- El Salvador's electoral court has officially declared leftist party candidate Salvador Sanchez Ceren the winner of the hotly contested presidential election, with 100 percent of the votes counted.

The electoral court announced shortly after midnight Thursday on its website that Sanchez Ceren got 50.1 percent of the votes. Conservative ARENA party candidate Norman Quijano got 49.9 percent in Sunday's runoff presidential election.

The court says Sanchez Ceren won by less than 7,000 votes. He is the first former rebel commander to win the presidency.

Quijano has said he will dispute the results because he alleged there was fraud in the Sunday vote. He has presented no evidence so far. Party leaders have said they will continue taking to the streets to demand a recount.