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China's premier vows action against smog

China's premier says 2014 growth to be kept at 'appropriate' level; vows action against smog

China's premier vows action against smog

BEIJING (AP) -- China's premier says Beijing will try to keep this year's economic growth at an appropriate level to generate needed new jobs and vowed to crack down on corruption and smog.

Li Keqiang said at news conference on Thursday that Chinese leaders are "not preoccupied" with the level of economic growth and the official target of "about 7.5 percent" shows flexibility is possible. He said a higher priority is hitting the official target of generating about 10 million new jobs.

Li said Chinese leaders want to nurture sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.

He promised to "declare war" against smog that is choking Chinese cities and corruption that he said is harming society and holding back efforts to make the economy more efficient and productive.