China Times: Toward mutual recognition of 'one China'

Recent developments indicate that both sides of the Taiwan Strait have the intention of pushing for a summit between their leaders, although they differ on what approach to adopt and where such a meeting should be held. Taipei believes it would be most appropriate if President Ma Ying-jeou could meet Chinese President Xi Jinping during the next Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum leaders' summit set for November in Beijing. Beijing, however, would prefer that a Ma-Xi meeting be held in a third territory, in a non-international setting. In dealing with the issue, we suggest that the two sides think about whether they want to aim more for creating symbolic meaning for cross-strait ties or for obtaining substantive results. Things will become more simple if symbolic meaning is the main focus. In fact, the international community generally believes that such a meeting would carry more symbolic than substantive significance. If Taipei and Beijing can agree on the issue, they may show goodwill to each other in a formal setting and make some superficial compromises that do not undermine their respective stances. This will allow them to move a step forward on the basis of the "1992 consensus" of "one China, different interpretations." A meeting of the two leaders will symbolize mutual cross-strait recognition of "one China" and demonstrate the wishes of the two sides to resolve their political differences and pursue peace. (Editorial abstract -- March 13, 2014) (By Y.F. Low)

Updated : 2021-02-28 04:56 GMT+08:00