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Irish prime minister visiting White House Friday

White House announces Irish prime minister making annual St. Patrick's Day visit Friday

Irish prime minister visiting White House Friday

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ireland's prime minister is making his traditional visit to the White House for St. Patrick's Day.

The White House said Wednesday that Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will meet with Obama Friday, ahead of the Monday holiday.

Kenny's visit starts with breakfast at Vice President Joe Biden's residence, followed by an Oval Office meeting with Obama. Then the leaders plan to attend the annual St. Patrick's Day lunch at the U.S. Capitol.

That evening, the president and first lady plan a reception back at the White House. Obama and Kenny will exchange shamrocks in a tradition begun under President Harry Truman.

Biden plans to meet separately Friday with Peter Robinson, the leader of Northern Ireland's Catholic-Protestant government, and Robinson's deputy, Martin McGuinness, to discuss progress toward peace in their land.

Updated : 2021-07-30 10:20 GMT+08:00