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US panel rejects Guantanamo prisoner release bid

US panel reviewing Guantanamo prisoners finds Yemeni held 12 years not ready for release

US panel rejects Guantanamo prisoner release bid

MIAMI (AP) -- A 34-year-old man from Yemen who has spent the last 12 years at Guantanamo Bay has been rejected as a candidate for release from the U.S. base in Cuba.

Prisoner Abdel Malik al-Rahabi was the second Guantanamo prisoner to appear before a board re-evaluating the cases of about 40 men previously deemed too dangerous to release. The six-member panel determined al-Rahabi should remain in custody. The board says he has significant ties to al-Qaida and would pose a threat if he returns to Yemen.

Al-Rahabi's lawyer told the review panel on Jan. 28 that the prisoner was eager to return to his family and to launch an agriculture enterprise with other former Guantanamo prisoners. The lawyer did not immediately respond to a request to comment on the decision announced Wednesday.

Updated : 2022-01-20 07:19 GMT+08:00