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English FA could push for longer Anelka racism ban

FA to assess if Anelka should receive longer racism ban via appeal against own panel's verdict

English FA could push for longer Anelka racism ban

ZURICH (AP) -- The English Football Association could push for Nicolas Anelka to serve more than a five-match ban for a racially aggravated goal celebration by appealing against its own disciplinary panel's verdict.

The West Bromwich Albion striker on Wednesday received the minimum FA racism ban for performing a gesture which is known in France as a "quenelle" and has been called an "inverted Nazi salute."

Although the gesture was found to be racist, the FA's independent commission backed Anelka's insistence that he was not being intentionally anti-Semitic.

FA General Secretary Alex Horne says it won't receive the written reasons until Monday "at which point it's open to appeal from either our side or from Nicolas Anelka's side."

Until then Horne says he can't comment on "whether five matches is enough."

Updated : 2021-10-17 16:51 GMT+08:00