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Tsai Ing-wen still reaching out to Ko Wen-je in mayor’s race

Tsai Ing-wen still reaching out to Ko Wen-je in mayor’s race

Former Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Tsai Ing-wen said Sunday that Ko Wen-je offers a philosophy and ideas that are well in line with those of the DPP. She expressed her hope that the DPP will adopt a direction that leads toward a more open approach to the mayoral election in Taipei in order to integrate as much of Taiwan’s society as possible for the party’s campaign.

Tsai was in Changhua County Sunday for an outing with the Friends of Tsai Ing-wen at Hushanyan in Hu-tan Township. She was there to pay tribute to party cadre and public officials of the county as well as local members of her supporters organization, and she also offered encouragement to those vying for nominations in the year-end elections for township mayors and county councilors on behalf of the DPP.

Tsai responded to former Vice President Annette Lu’s criticism of current and past chairs of the party for their willingness to reach out to Ko Wen-je. She said she hopes the DPP will be able to marshal the full strength of the opposition in November’s elections for Taipei mayor as well as other races in order to brings a new climate to the city and its surrounding areas.

Tsai said the main problem is figuring out how to combine the tremendous forces and resources that are out there and maximize the possibilities for the party in the upcoming elections. She noted that Ko Wen-je offers many ideas that are compatible with those of the DPP, and the party should be open to the possibility of integrating his forces and supporters with its own in contesting the Taipei mayoral election.

As for whether she is in the running for party chairman this year, Tsai was still noncommittal. She explained that she needs to have more contact with the community through her connections and through the Friends of Tsai Ing-wen, saying that if they really want her to run, it will be obvious in the atmosphere surrounding the party.

Asked about media reports that Taichung Mayor Jason Hu had warned that "if the KMT loses in Taichung, the Republic of China is finished,”' Tsai argued that it is only a matter of time before the KMT loses its hold over central Taiwan and other local governments. She noted that the warnings Jason Hu is moaning are nothing new, and said she will offer her full support to Lin Chia-ling in the Taichung mayoral election.

Updated : 2021-10-18 09:53 GMT+08:00