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Russia appeals skiathlon decision over bronze

Russia appeals jury decision to let Norway's Sundby keep bronze in men's skiathlon

Russia appeals skiathlon decision over bronze

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP) -- Russia has appealed a jury's decision to let a Norwegian cross-country skier keep his bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics despite impeding Maxim Vylegzhanin in the final sprint of the men's skiathlon.

The International Ski Federation says it received the Russian appeal on Monday and has 72 hours to make a ruling. However, FIS spokesman Michal Lamplot said the case is likely to be dealt with quicker because "everyone is waiting for this decision."

Martin Johnsrud Sundby won the bronze after beating Vylegzhanin by 0.1 seconds. However, he clearly crossed into his Russian rival's lane a few meters before the finish line and the host team claimed that unfairly impeded Vylegzhanin.

Russia protested immediately, but a race jury decided initially that the rule violation didn't affect the outcome as Sundby was already ahead of Vylegzhanin. Russia is appealing that decision to the sport's governing body.