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Deng Chu-mei extends a hand to NCKU President, committee

Deng Chu-mei extends a hand to NCKU President, committee

Upset like the rest of her family by the refusal of a committee of school officials and faculty at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) to accept a student vote to name a new plaza “Deng Nan-jung Plaza," Deng’s daughter Deng Chu-mei took time off from work on January 16 and 20 to visit the campus and leave flowers in the yet-to-be-named square. Saying she "just had to do something,” Deng explained that she had placed potted orchids and another vase of flowers in the square on her two trips as a remembrance of her father and an expression of her feelings.

While Deng’s widow Yeh Chu-lan and Deng Chu-mei have been publicly muted in their response to the plaza naming controversy, an official close to the family reveals that they have been alternately saddened and angered by ill-considered comments by some persons involved in the naming process.
Finally at one point Deng embraced her mother and said, "Mom, we forgive them, OK?"

A family friend says Deng personally delivered an invitation to NCKU President Huang Huang-hui to visit the Deng Nan-jung Memorial Museum in Taipei and left the flowers in the plaza with a card saying simply, "For Deng Nan-jung and others dedicated to democracy," and bearing no signature .

The NCKU president was reportedly out of his office and a secretary accepted the invitation on his behalf, offering a few words of comfort to Deng.

On Wednesday afternoon the Deng Nan-jung Foundation published the full text of its invitation on its official website. Addressed to President Huang and the members of the NCKU committee, it notes that April 7 this year is the 25th anniversary of Deng’s death and the 15th anniversary of the opening of the museum, and also acknowledges Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin and his attendance at a ceremony renaming the lane in front of the museum “Freedom Lane”.

The invitation outlines some of the positions that Deng espoused during the 1980s and his efforts to keep the Freedom Era Weekly magazine going as a part of his campaign for true freedom of speech. It invites President Huang and the committee members to visit the museum and Freedom Lane at any time to see for themselves how Deng worked on behalf of the people of Taiwan and how he strived to show the young "how to face the challenges of life, all kinds of hardships and difficulties."

Updated : 2021-09-19 00:00 GMT+08:00