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Vence Sung, wife fined for abuse of caregiver

Vence Sung, wife fined for abuse of caregiver

Entertainers Vence Sung and his wife Hung Pai-rong appeared at the Bureau of Labor Affairs (BLA) in New Taipei City Wednesday to face charges of abuse of a foreign worker. Following a brief questioning of Sung and his wife the bureau said that the couple had hired an unlicensed caregiver and assessed a fine of NT$30,000 for the infraction. In addition, a second fine of NT$60,000 was imposed because the address listed on a registration application for the caregiver was not an occupied residence and the caregiver’s place of work was also changed without notifying the BLA.

The couple drew attention last year when they were photographed in Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park with their children and dogs. The pair were sharply criticized by caregivers across the island because they had the foreign caregiver carry heavy bags and look after the children, both jobs that are proscribed for those working as caregivers. They were also accused of yelling at the caregiver.

Caught off guard by the large number of media reporters and photographers waiting outside when they arrived at the BLA office, Sung and Pai quickly recovered and told the waiting crowd that the charges of yelling at the caregiver were nothing more than a "misunderstanding," Not long afterwards the couple came roaring out of the BLA as Sung angrily sounded off about their treatment inside the office.

Sung complained loudly that the head of the Foreign Labor Section of the BLA "did not want to talk about the law.” The entertainer quoted Jesus and the Bible, charging, “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone”. No one would dare condemn him, he said, “because we have all sinned."

Sung was reportedly evasive under questioning by the Foreign Labor Section chief, proclaiming, "No one can condemn me, only Jesus can say I have sinned" and, "Speaking in a loud voice is not showing anger." After about an hour inside the BLA office, Sung exited and complained, "What the BLA says, goes," then turned and hurried away with Hung without answering any questions.

The Taipei BLA also conducted an investigation of the household of Vence Sung’s older brother Sung Yi-min, finding nothing out of the ordinary. The older Sung explained, "We hired one nurse to take care of my father and one to look after my mother, our parents do not live together."

Updated : 2021-07-27 13:56 GMT+08:00